Research Papers

Research Papers

The work system method (WSM), work system theory (WST), and related ideas about information systems, service systems, and other IT-reliant systems in organizations were developed to help business professionals understand systems and participate as more equal partners in software development efforts. My desire to develop these ideas came from a combination of experience as vice president of a successful software firm and knowledge of the relevant literature, much of which is either techno-centric or too vague to guide analysis of specific systems in organizations.

In addition to final versions or drafts of published articles, this site will occasionally contain working papers that have not yet been revised for publication. As shown in the drop-down menu for this section, the research papers are divided into categories including:

Instead of using strictly chronological order, the articles within categories are organized to highlight the most recent expression of important ideas. Several articles appear in two categories. An initial book-length compilation of these ideas is The Work System Method: Connecting People, Processes, and IT for Business Results, Work System Press, Larkspur, CA, 2006. The many developments since 2006 call for a second edition that should appear in 2013 or 2014.

I hope you find some of these articles useful, and would appreciate comments and feedback.


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